Sally Bork Lasseter

Education & Guidance Services has been part of the Columbus area (East Alabama and West Georgia) since 1994. Our misson is to rekindle the love of learning in each student. Our focus is to help students achieve academic success. Our recipe is simple: equal parts of student determination and instructor expertise mixed with individualized academic programs.

Our experience has shown that the best time to turn things around is now. Let us help you reach your academic goals. We look forward to seeing you very soon.

Sally B. Lasseter

Hours of Operation
Open 7 days a week
8am - 7pm

2901 University Ave Suite 12 @ Mission Square
Columbus, GA 31907

On the corner of University Ave and Edgewood Dr.
Look for the Executive Suites sign.

Call Sally Lasseter at 706-323-2831 or 706-562-0023
> to make, change or cancel an appointment.
> to inquire about becoming a tutor.

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Please click on one of the buttons below and fill out the form to indicate your interest in one of our offerings. There is NO fee NOR obligation associated with filling out a form. We simply need to know who you are, what your needs are, and how to contact you. Someone will follow up with you by phone as soon as possible. To assure that your information is read in a timely manner, please call 706-562-0023 and leave a simple message stating that you have left information on our web site. Expect a call from us within 24 hours or call again, please.

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If you are interested in becoming a tutor or instructor, let us know by filling out the following form. Please call us at 706-562-0023 and let us know that you have left teacher/tutor application interest on our web site.

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EGS Offerings


Tutoring: $30 per hour
Single subject diagnostic: $10
Full diagnostic without formal report: $45
Full diagnostic: $75

EGS offers tutoring services in all grade levels and all subject areas. We provide one-on-one tutoring sessions, diagnostic testing, Carnegie Unit Credit courses as well as credit recovery. We are also certified to work with Georgia Flexible Learning Program students.

  • Diagnostic Testing - We offer 3 types of tests.
    1. Single subject test - a one hour test that identifies weaknesses to be bolstered in tutoring sessions.
    2. Full test battery without formal report - a 1.5-hour series of tests without a formal written report.
    3. Full test battery - a 2.5-hour series of tests with written report and parent consultation.
  • Carnegie Unit Credit Courses - Courses in Math, Language Arts, Social Studies, Science and Foreign Languages taken for credit. Due to seat hour and other requirements the duration of these courses may vary. Therefore, each course is tailored to the specific needs of the student.
  • SAT, ACT, GRE, GMAT, COMPUS, ASVAB, and GED tutorial preparation, as well as teacher certification test preparation are all available throughout the year for students of every age in a tutorial approach.
  • Credit Recovery - Students who have failed a course may make up the credit through credit recovery.
  • Georgia Flexible Learning Program (FLP) - This program covers one-on-one tutoring at EGS outside the normal school day. You must be eligible to participate. Contact YOUR SCHOOL'S GUIDANCE COUNSELOR or the Muscogee County School District office at 706-748-2066 to inquire about your eligibility.

Lasseter Academy

Tuition: $120 per week
Registration Fee: $100

2012-13 school year: September 6, 2012 - June 3, 2013

Lasseter Academy is a private SACS CASI accredited school offering middle and high school curricula. Classes are small averaging 4-6 students. Students completing all Carnegie Unit credits needed to graduate earn a high school diploma.

Since we are a private school, students are NOT required to take the Georgia Graduation Exam in order to graduate.

Summer School 2013

Registration: Open, however, formal registration will be held from May 27 to June 6 from 8am - 6 pm.
Cost: $300 per class
Session dates: June 10 - July 26, 2013; mid-summer break July 1 - 5

Each class is held 2 hours daily, Monday - Friday.
Class starting times are 8am, 10am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm and 6:30pm.
Class size is 4-8 students.

Summer school allows students to make up credit or prepare for the following year's classes. For courses requiring an End of Course Test (EOCT), students must take the test at the "sending" school. (The "sending" school is the school where the credit needs to be made up.) Course credit will be returned to the student's "sending" school during the first week of August.

All high school and middle school courses are available in small group settings. Elementary school subjects are offered through one-on-one tutoring ONLY.

Classes are offered based on student demand.

Tutoring Services


Please bring your books and any other class materials to your tutoring sessions. This is invaluable to us.


Please give us 24 hour notice if you must cancel your appointment. No shows and late cancelations will be charged for the appointment.


Although we do make accommodations, payment is expected at the time of the appointment. Unfortunately, we are not set up to accept electronic payments, so please pay by check or cash.

Lasseter Academy


Tuition is normally paid on a monthly basis. Payment is expected at the beginning of each month. The monthly breakout for the 2012-13 school year is as follows:

  • Sep 2012 $550
  • Oct 2012 $575
  • Nov 2012 $475
  • Dec 2012 $300
  • Jan 2013 $525
  • Feb 2013 $500
  • Mar 2013 $525
  • Apr 2013 $425
  • May 2013 $575
  • Total $4450

Addtional Fees

  1. Registration and Academic Plan Fee - $100.
  2. After School Fee - Students staying past the end of the school day will be charged $5.
  3. Tardy Fee - The school day begins at 8:00 am. Students arriving after 8:05 am are considered late and will be charged $5. Tardy students are required to attend the after-school supervised study session on that day.


Lasseter Academy students must adhere to the following policies:

  1. No alcohol or drugs
  2. No cursing
  3. No cell phone use in the classroom to include texting
  4. No hats worn in the building

SACS CASI Accreditation

SACS CASI is the Southern Accreditation of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement.

Click on the logo to go to the website and learn more.

Summer School 2013

Schedule of Classes

Registration: Open, however, formal registration will be held from May 27 to June 6, 2013 from 8am - 6pm.
Cost: $300 per class
Session dates: June 10 - July 26, 2013; mid-summer break July 1 - 5

Each class is held 2 hours daily, Monday - Friday.
Class starting times are 8am, 10am, 12:30pm, 2:30pm, 4:30pm and 6:30pm.

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